1. We believe everyone is connected, and you can’t find the best fit from behind a desk. We network, we talk to people, we are around, involved, questioning, listening, learning, making and growing our connections. You never know who will know of the next smart fit for your company.

2. Technology is great, but it isn’t everything. In fact, it can make us lazy. Finding the right fit for a company doesn’t come from a database. It comes from personal calls, outreach, follow up, and follow through. How do we do it? One by one. One candidate at a time. We talk directly to everyone. We
make phone calls. Our clients have said we’re tireless and fearless. They admire our drive to find that needle in the haystack. If you do it right, it’s not easy.

3. It’s not just round peg in round hole recruitment. Creativity is key. We aren’t afraid to look for candidates with similar skill sets and experience that may be in a different industry (but for law). We’re more creative in our thinking than most search companies.

4. We work for everyone. Not just ourselves. Not just our clients. Not just our candidates. Everyone. Every single touch that an employer has with a candidate is an important branding opportunity for that employer’s company. We protect your brand by ensuring no one leaves your building having had
a negative recruitment experience.